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A Gateway to Academic Excellence and Cultural Enrichment. Experience unparalleled education in the USA, where rigorous accreditation standards and administrative excellence converge to create a dynamic learning environment.

Colleges & Universities
Bands in IELTS
USD 12,000
Fees Per Year
20 Hrs / Week
A Compelling Opportunity

Why Study in USA ?

A Compelling Opportunity

Why Study in USA ?

Gold Standard Accreditation: American colleges follow strict standards for excellence in academics and administration.

Global Recognition: U.S. colleges are well-known worldwide for their diverse academic programs.

Flexible Learning: Students in the U.S. can easily change their studies as their interests and career plans evolve.

Lots of Opportunities: There are many academic and fun things to do in the U.S., making it a great place for international students to learn and grow.

Leading Research: American colleges do cutting-edge research, always finding new ideas and information.

Unlocking The Benefits - Learn Smarter, Excel Faster

Why Angel EduNext - Your Pathway to Success

AIRC Certified Excellence: Elevate your education journey with our AIRC-certified services.

Diverse University Choices: Explore an array of extensive university options tailored to your aspirations.

Visa Success Assurance: Trust our proven visa consultancy for a high success rate.

Precision in Guidance: Receive accurate and reliable guidance throughout your application process.

Customer-Centric Approach: Experience a client-focused journey with our dedicated support.

Top-Quality Recruitment: Gain access to quality candidate recruitment for academic success.

A Decade of Expertise: Rely on our decade-long experience for unmatched service.

Direct University Interactions: Connect directly with top-ranked universities through regular representative visits.

Unlocking The Benefits - Learn Smarter, Excel Faster

Why Angel EduNext - Your Pathway to Success

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Our University Partnerships Drive Innovation

We are proud to announce our partnership with World's Leading Universities.

Primary Characteristics

Salient Attributes

An additional benefit is the economical standard of living, complemented by a multitude of amenities facilitated by the government.

Globally renowned higher education institutions.

Top Ranking Colleges and Universities.

Very well qualified faculty that ensure quality of education.

Specialization in deserved area of study.

Flexible Education System with regard to choice of courses.

Benefit of conducting quality research programs with resources provided.

Expensive to cutting edge technologies and excellent research opportunities

Over 4000 institutions having UG, PG, Master’s and Doctorate Degrees.

Hub of innovations and inventions.

Scholarships, fees waiver, financial help in various way to deserving students.

Permission to work 20 hours a week during semesters and 40 hours a week during vacation.

Investment in education in the US is investment for a bright, successful career.

A strong democratic country with great socio economic parameters.

Sequence Of Actions

Streamline Your Path to USA Education

Start on your USA educational journey with assurance, as we stand ready to assist you at every stage of the process.

  • Step 1
    Begin with a counselling session at Angel EduNext
  • Step 2
    Gather academic credentials
  • Step 3
    Demonstrate language proficiency
  • Step 4
    Apply for admission to your chosen institution
  • Step 5
    Receive your i-20 form
  • Step 6
    Fulfil visa and SEVIS fee requirements
  • Step 7
    Complete the DS-160 online visa form
  • Step 8
    Complete the DS-160 online visa form.
  • Step 9
    Prepare for the Interview
  • Step 10
    Schedule and attend a visa interview
  • Step 11
    Get biometrics, interview at embassy, await instant visa result.
  • Knowledge-Boosting FAQs for a Smooth Journey

    The requirements typically include a valid passport, a nonimmigrant visa application, the SEVIS I-20 form, and proof of financial stability to cover tuition and living expenses.

    You can apply for a student visa by filling out the online nonimmigrant visa application, paying the application fee, scheduling an interview at the nearest U.S. embassy or consulate, and preparing the necessary documentation.

    The processing time for a student visa application can vary, but it's recommended to apply well in advance of your intended date of travel. It's advisable to check the specific processing times at the U.S. embassy or consulate where you're applying.

    Yes, you are required to demonstrate that you have sufficient funds to cover your tuition fees, living expenses, and other related costs during your stay in the United States.

    Yes, under certain circumstances, you may be eligible to work part-time on-campus. However, off-campus employment may require specific authorization from the U.S.

    The duration of stay is typically determined by the completion of your academic program or as indicated on your Form I-20. You may be eligible for an optional practical training (OPT) period after completing your studies.

    Yes, it's possible to apply for an extension under certain circumstances. You should consult your designated school official (DSO) for guidance on the extension process.

    Project With The Power Of Requirements

    Requirements for USA Student Visa

    Project With The Power Of Requirements

    Requirements for USA Student Visa

    A carefully crafted checklist is crucial for students applying to study in the USA. It helps organize necessary documents for the visa process, making the journey smoother.

    Valid Passport

    Academic Documents & Transcripts

    IELTS Scorecard/Date Booking Confirmation

    Letters of Recommendation (LOR)

    A Well-crafted Resume

    Statement of Purpose (SOP)

    Affidavit of Support

    Extra Certificates & Portfolio (if applicable)

    Bank Balance Certificate

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