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We're on a mission to redefine education, providing innovative solutions with a commitment to excellence for students, educators, and parents in Ahmedabad. Join us in reshaping the educational landscape and empowering learners globally.

500+ Universities & Institutes

Case Specific Approach

Complete Transparency

Best In Class Coaching Set-Up

Specialist in Rejected Cases

Pre-Departure Guidance

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Track Record of Success

Mr. Parthesh Thakkar

Our Esteemed Visionary Leader

In the field of overseas education, immigration, and visionary leadership, few names shine as brightly as that of Mr. Parthesh Thakkar. With a stellar track record spanning over two decades, he has not only become a brand name but a beacon of inspiration for countless aspirants.

Trailblazing Indian Author

RCIC Member in Canada

Empowering Over One Million Aspirants

Outstanding Achievements

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Innovatively Crafted Services

Our Diverse Array of Services

Discover Angel EduNext's streamlined services for Student Visas, Immigration, Coaching, and Visitor Visas. Gain from expert guidance, real-time updates, ongoing support, and pre-departure seminars, ensuring a smooth and successful journey.

Countries We Serve

Explore Top Countries for your Dream Abroad

Choose your ideal destination with the Angel EduNext team. Our immigration experts tailor advice to your goals, ensuring a seamless journey to your dream country. Let us guide you towards the perfect fit for your aspirations.

Our Key Features

Angel EduNext's Standout Characteristics

We at Angel EduNext, provide personalized guidance and assistance crafted to suit your unique needs.

Immigration Compliance

We ensure your compliance with immigration laws and regulations.

Application Assistance

We Help with your application, but in a more captivating way.

Expert Legal Assistance

We're your legal champions, standing by your side to protect your rights and ensure the law is on your side

Pre-Voyage Support

We equip you with a strong foundation ensuring your journey with a heightened sense of preparedness and self-assuredness, enhancing your overall travel experience.

5 Steps Of Studying Abroad

Foreign Education Adventure In 5 Captivating Steps

The simple steps that turn your foreign educational dream into a reality.

University Selection

Revamp the University Segment with a Fresh Approach.

Therapeutic Guidance

Complimentary Counseling Session to Guide You towards the Perfect Decision.


Streamline your college applications with our one-click solution to apply to multiple universities effortlessly.

Visa process

From visa application to interview success, we guide you every step of the way.


We can help you with our trusted partners lead you to your ideal home selection.

Our Partners

Our University Partnerships Drive Innovation

We are proud to announce our partnership with World's Leading Universities.

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Angel EduNext is Best in Our Town

Hello everyone, I started my USA student visa process from here three months ago. The staff here is very cooperative, and was very helpful to me during my interview preparation, Also I visited many consultants but Angel EduNext is best in our town, So I recommend everyone just visit Angel EduNext pvt. Ltd. Thank you so much!

Dhara Talaviya

Angel is doing Great Work

Angel EduNext is one of the best consultancies for Canadian Student Visa. I was recommended by my friend for their Visa process. My overall experience from beginning of coaching to visa approval is good. (except 1-2 things) Angel is doing great work regarding Visa procedure. Their concern persons always give us a positive vibes for our upcoming procedures. I got my visa approval within 20 days. Coaching classes are also good. Thank you Angel EduNext team for your appreciative support throughout the procedure.

Dhruvil Mandaliya

I got International Scholarship of US$ 15000

Hello everyone, my name is Laksha maheshwari I have applied for my USA student visa for masters in counselling psychology program the entire process done here was very smooth, effective and i got admission in one of the reputable university golden gate university San Francisco California I am lucky to have such a helpful staff and Parthesh thakkar is very positive and confident man he guided me through entire journey very personally and with full dedication I am thrilled to say further that I got international student president scholarship of 15000 $ (US dollars) I am grateful for the whole team here at Angel EduNext🙏

Laksha Maheshwari

Excellent Service by Angel EduNext as always

I recently received my student visa for USA. Excellent service by Angel EduNext as always. Thank you very much for your kind support. You don’t need to worry when your application is with Angel EduNext.

Vishve Thakkar

They are Very Friendly to their Clients

I have feeled awesome experience with Angel EduNext for Coaching and Visa Process. In sort, Smooth as butter.... Don't doubt on this Institution bcz I have got student visa after Ph.D. in India. Staffs and teachers all are the excellent in their filed and they are very friendly to their clients with providing crystal clear information to their students and parents.

Dr. Rahul Dengada

Very nice IELTS Coaching Institute

Very nice IELTS coaching institute. Angel EduNext private limited also offered immigration and visa processing for Canada, United States of America, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia and many more countries. Staffs are very much cooperative and humble. Always I received quick response from the institute. Recommended strongly.

Parimal P. Patel

Media Testimonials


Prapti Patel


Bhumi Thakkar


Anand Patel

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does Angel EduNext offer?

    Angel EduNext provides comprehensive services for studying abroad or starting a career overseas. We assist with Express Entry, Federal Skilled Worker programs, Work Permits, and more. More importantly, for Student Visas, we offer profile assessment, institute selection, and pre-departure support.

  • What sets Angel EduNext apart?

    Angel EduNext stands out due to its certifications, decades of experience, and transparent communication. As authorized Visa Consultants, we offer trustworthy guidance throughout the application process.

  • Do you provide coaching for English proficiency?

    Mr. Parthesh Thakkar, our Director and the first Indian author to publish a groundbreaking book on IELTS Speaking & Writing, leads Angel EduNext. He offers top-notch coaching for IELTS and other English tests. Our award-winning team specializes in tailored coaching for IELTS success and immigration.

  • Am I eligible to study abroad?

    To kickstart your international education journey, you'll need to meet specific entry requirements that vary based on the level of study. These requirements include academic qualifications and proof of English proficiency. Some programs may necessitate completing a foundation course before applying for a degree. It's crucial to meticulously review the course details on university websites, as entry criteria can differ. Angel EduNext counselors will assist in evaluating your eligibility for various programs, offering guidance on optimal courses and locations aligned with your preferences.

  • What if my parents don't want me to go overseas?

    If your parents are hesitant about you studying abroad, it's essential to address their concerns by highlighting the benefits of international education. Emphasize the diverse learning opportunities, exposure to different cultures, and the potential for personal and professional growth. Additionally, assure them that you'll prioritize academic success and safety while abroad. Collaborate with an education counselor, like us Angel EduNext, to navigate entry requirements and choose a program that aligns with your goals. This support will not only make the process smoother but also provide reassurance to your parents.

  • How much will it cost to study abroad?

    The cost of studying abroad varies, and an entry requirement depends on the level of education you're planning to pursue. Academic prerequisites, including English language proficiency, differ among universities. Some courses may require a foundation course before applying for a degree. Each institution has its own unique entry criteria, so carefully review course information on their websites. Angel EduNext counselors can assess your eligibility and guide you to programs that align with your preferences.

  • How long does the application process take?

    The duration of the application process for international students varies based on individual universities and their specific requirements. To pursue education abroad, you must meet academic criteria, including English language proficiency. Each university has their own unique criteria, so carefully review course details on their websites. We, Angel EduNext will help you assist in evaluating your eligibility for various programs and provide guidance on preferred courses and locations.

  • When should I start planning my study abroad procedure?

    Start planning your study abroad journey early to ensure a smooth process. Entry requirements, including academic and English language skills, vary by institution and program. Some courses may require a foundation course before pursuing a degree. Check university websites for specific entry criteria and work with an Angel EduNext counselor to assess eligibility and find the best-fit programs and locations for your preferences.

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